• Henry Martin

Loving what is not

A quote from H is for Hawk

Ostensibly Helen McDonald's #HisforHawk is about a woman who purchases and trains a #goshawk in the aftermath of her father’s death. It’s a book about #grief and #grieving, but it’s also a book about #addiction, #depression, #failure, dependency, and human and animal #nature. I like this quote.

"Old England is an imaginary place, a landscape built from words, woodcuts, films, paintings, picturesque, engravings. It is a place imagined by people and people do not live very long or look very hard. We are very bad at scale. The things that live in the soil are too small to care about; climate change is too large to imagine. We are bad at time, too. We cannot remember what lived here before we did; we cannot love what is not. Nor can we imagine what will be different when we are dead…I wish we could not fight for landscapes that remind us of who we think we are. I wish we would fight instead, for landscapes buzzing and glowing with life in all its variousness."
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